What we do

Currently we have strength and expertise to deliver projects in following areas

Transformer Repairing

Installation and repair of Transformer having capacity 10 - 50 KVA

Diesel Generators Overhauling

Preventive and Corrective maintenance, trouble shooting and Generator Overhauling of all major Engine Brands

Commercial power maintenance

Commercial Power faults rectifications, CP Billing and installation of Power Meters

PTCL Expansion & Rehabilitation

Complete DC Cut Over, Jumpering, DBs, Looping & Underground/SSA Cable (copper + Fiber) Installation

Little More

HILAL TECHNOLOGY deals in major power issues before (DB) distribution box

Transformer upgradation having capacity 10 - 50 KVA

Technological modernization has made telecom equipment energy efficient whereas commercial power requirement are also increasing due to more sophistication features and facilities networks offering. Due to close collaboration with all WAPDA distribution companies Hilal Technology provide services to enhance sanctioned load, transformer capacity upgradation, new connection, re-connection, resolution to right of ways and dispute resolution among all parties.

Repairing transformer HT / LT lines, poles

We have in-dept experience and understanding of BTS site Transformers repairing, starting from 10 KVA onwards. Not only we repair transformer and restore CP to system but our professional teams can troubleshoot critical power issues e.g. fluctuation, high / low voltage / missing phase / earthing etc.

Wapda electricity poles installation / maintenance

We have been extending commercial power troubleshooting services to various mobile networks in Pakistan. From heavy transmission lines installation / repairing services to high tension cables repair and installation. Our dedicated teams are well aware of the BTS sites coordinates and have resolved critical issues (HT / LT Jumpers, D-fuze / Links repairing / D-Units / fitting installation, etc.) within given timelines.

Energy meter replacement / installation

We have strong penetration in various Wapda distribution companies in North and Central regions enabling us to handle and process mobile network energy bills from advance bills collection, processfund requests, distribution of bills at various banks to report generation on monthly basis. Moreover we have complete understanding to resolve abnormal billing issues from micro to macro level, maintained detailed billing database and reporting for decision makers for problem identification. For accurate and factual billing services are provided for the replacement of faulty (display, metering fault) / burnt energy meters (Static / AMR).

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