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Reasons Why Blogs Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Effort

Blogs Marketing / Internet Marketing / Marketing SEOMay 27, 20180 Commentsadmin

I started my blog (www.jimestill.com) 18 months ago as an attempt to increase communication with my staff, but quickly realized the power of it with my customers and suppliers. Now I consider my blog to be a part of my marketing efforts.
As an active blogger, I c ame up with seven reasons blogging should be part of any marketing program.
1. Every time you increase communication communication blogs increases, you increase the profile and sales.
2. While blogs have been around for a while, they are still new and existing. People who see that you have a blog will think that you are carrying more prominent. Even if you do not sell technology products, help.
3. Owning a blog is owned by the media. Similar to the newspaper or radio station. The advantage of the media is that you can say what you want, when all other media tend to filter what you are saying.
4th You noticed I said a blog should be part of a marketing program. Blogs on their own tend not to have much readership, rather, they must be cross-promoted, so you should put it on your e-mail tag line, your website, business cards, etc. People who see your address blog in another media may attend.
5th Blogging as typing a tendency to make you an expert. People tend to believe what they read. For this reason, you do not want your blog to be entirely self-promotion. Add value. Provide information that helps your customer amuse, teach, etc.
6. Blogs should have a corner. People do not want to access and listen to the promotional material about you and your business. They want to hear something that is a bit ‘nervous, interesting, fun, and resonates with them. Even if you do not have the media, has not yet compete with all other available media. In my case, I opted for the title Time Leadership / CEO of my blog and my personal blog of self-development, which focuses on time management and efficiency.
7. Blogs are often picked up by other media, adding that the press can help sell. For example, for blog, I was introduced twice in the Globe and Mail, and once in Forbes magazine, as I have been in our daily industry. I also had many talks as a direct result of my blog.
Blogging does not need to be technically difficult. Anyone can create a blog in five minutes. My suggestion is to get an experienced blogger to show you how to start. Or ask your kids.
Blogging is not for everyone. If you want to blog, you should be prepared to spend the time and you have to enjoy writing. Why blog about efficiency, spending lots of time to focus on my blogs for efficient and spend less than 20 minutes in each of my blog entries. I do four or five a week, so they spend less than two hours a week on my blog.
I received some direct sales as a result of my blog. I know that I have received feedback that many of my customers and suppliers, read on.

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