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Top 10 Ecommerce SEO Checklists for Marketing Your Web Site In 2011

Marketing SEO / Online Marketing / SEO / SEO Services in MontrealFebruary 19, 20120 CommentsHilal Technology

There are a few points and tips to keep in mind when you go to marketing companies online. These methodological issues certainly contribute to improving the business. This write up explains how to focus your online marketing. If you do not have a website for your business, get one. What are you waiting for? Use this checklist E-Commerce SEO (together with other institutions, as this article alone will not cut it), when planning your website.

1. Analyze your website from the user perspective: Consider all types of users and asks: “If I were that user, do I can use this site and find the information you need?”

2. A modern look: It ‘the design of existing web sites and attraction? If a user accesses the site, compared to your competition, and remain? The site provides users with the most confidence in their own industry? You only get one chance to make a first impression.

3rd Optimized for research (on-page SEO): Is this your site is built properly, it can be found by major search engines? Do you have the right keywords and Meta tags are used throughout the pages on your site? Do you even know what that means?

4th Blog: a blog? If you use a blog to talk about your services and products? This is an important tool used to create buzz and generate targeted traffic to your site. In addition, blogs rank well with search engines and providing other free benefits for your website.

5. Newsletter: This is an important way to communicate with potential customers, build trust, increase brand awareness and increase sales. A newsletter is used for a promotion or an idea of ​​the sale, industry news, new product information, and other customers will appreciate it. You are reading our newsletter now.

6th Local Search Engine Marketing: Submit your business and website to major search engines lists “local search” sites (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Also sign up for web services that support local businesses, such as Yelp, Citysearch, chambers of commerce, etc.

7. Informative articles and Resources: and write original, informative and relevant articles about their services and businesses. Research will improve as we have contained the term correctly after a richer place. Search engines look for you to be a unique resource and an expert in hardware.

8. Social Media: Join this new medium called social media and use. Social Media includes Twitter, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, blogs, accounts Linked In, MySpace, and many others. Social media used to create the buzz and manage external communication with customers and fans.

9th Press Releases: Take the time to write a press release about something new or exciting happening in your company. Search engines like to see the press releases out on the Internet, usually results in a nice bump in traffic to your website.

10. Paid advertising and PPC (Pay-Per-Click): You have an event meets, or products that are sold now? The best way to get immediate traffic to your website is used directly to make a visit to a model of pay-per-click advertising. This marketing method allows you to choose what you are willing to pay for each visitor to the site.

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