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Lessons from Bad SEO

SEO / SEO Services in Montreal / SEO TipsDecember 8, 20110 CommentsHilal Technology

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex and dynamic. Bad SEO techniques are the techniques that spammers use to keep up. Search engines have complicated algorithms to rank the factors, and hundreds of web pages. The idea of ​​such a rapidly evolving and complex algorithms to stay ahead of the competition and ensures that web spammers are not in the standings, are not worth it. So it is good to remember that what works out of the search engine optimization today may not work tomorrow.

Here are some lessons learned from a bad SEO.

Lesson 1

Do not rely on keyword Meta tags as search engines rely on the fact that the list is displayed on your site. Meta keywords tag that do not seem to have lost their meaning spammers have abused them. So get your keywords and location to the context of the site.

Focus on the Meta tag title, as it is visible and can affect the rankings. Also focus on the meta description tag, as some search engines use

Lesson 2

Do not stuff keywords in the text visible or invisible, and you can have your site banned. Never write the text the same color as the background.

Lesson 3

Do not buy links that search engines want to end this practice and improvise their algorithms to detect links purchased. The day the algorithms of the trends, the presence of words such as “advertisers or sponsors.” Teams of this analysis. If detected, the flag of your site and will not help your page ranking.

Lesson 4

Page Rank is a very small factor in the ranking of days. They have links to pages and sites that are most relevant to you. More importantly, establish and strengthen the relevance of the site because it has a role to play in the ranking.

Lesson 5

Do not exchange links page ranks to build. Relevance building so that visitors to your website to pay benefits to it. Exchange links with sites that are highly relevant to your business. It would be great if I could get links to your site without linking back to them

Lesson 6

You cannot copy the content that search engines want to classify the content only once. So to avoid having multiple URLs in one place with the same content as one of them is just a waste of time the

search engine and you will “leak page rank” – your precious page rank is sent to a page never will rank. “Doorway sites” you can you land in trouble because it is considered spam. Your site can be banned.

Lesson 7

Do not show different content to different trackers and other content from the user. This is a cover of the favorite techniques used by spammers call and search engines are against. Trackers are sent to detect cloaking, and if found that the prohibition of the site.

All you need do is learn to communicate with the search engine what your site. Build your website for search engines can easily determine the unique value of your website.

Put the time to good use. To stop thinking of bad SEO practices, and to spend time to provide good content for your site and make your site a user visits a pleasure.

Hilal Technology provides a wide range of SEO and website design services.

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