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Other Important Information On SEO

Marketing SEO / SEO / SEO Tips, October 1, 20110 Commentsadmin

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the Internet markets more efficient and more popular, a technique or method used by many webmasters today. Non administrators as well as SEO experts and specialists, many people had used the SEO to improve traffic to their website in search engines.

Although most of these people are bloggers, some tend to be leaders who wanted to know about SEO, or you will do before hiring SEO expert or an expert, so they can learn to do SEO.

The Internet is full of information about SEO. However, it is still a series of data that is usually left out of SEO experts. And sometimes, this information is very important, especially for people who are just starting and SEO. Here are some of this information:

Link Spike

According to many SEO experts like SEO companies in the Philippines, the growth of inbound links should be as “natural” as possible. Part of the reason is that the major search engines like Google are not generally supported the method of referencing that disrupts the natural algorithm of search engines, so it is very important to note the progressive growth of incoming links to a website.

If, however, was a natural event that occurred when the number of links to tips, and had suddenly dropped and then again in its initial growth, then a link peak may occur. A link peak corresponds to the “Google Dance”, where the ranking of a site will suddenly increase and then decrease significantly, and then return to its original location. But the difference with Google Dance is that it often for several weeks, resulting in a significant decrease in traffic.

Google Dance

Google Dance is a very popular term used by many SEO professionals and webmasters. It ‘a term used in cases in which Google does not re-crawl of all its indices. When this happens, the site would be an investment, one sudden rise, or a sudden drop or disappear indices

SEO Philippines According to experts, but a similar relationship with Spike, a Google Dance usually lasts a few days, usually 2 to 3 days and the end result could be higher or lower than its original state.


The term “Sandbox” is used in a website that does not get any improvement in the major search engines, even if the campaign would have been in use for 3 months. This usually happens if the site were asked to use Black Hat SEO. SEO Philippines According to experts, this can be avoided by learning the basic guidelines for SEO and link building.

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