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Snob-Bloggers: You May Be A Snob If You Publish A Blog

Blogs Marketing, September 30, 20110 Commentsadmin

According to Jupiter Research, about 2 percent of the online community has created a blog. This works out of the millions and millions of blogs, and in turn, millions and millions of snobs who publish them. It is a lot of Snob-Bloggers!

You see, to care enough to publish a blog, you really need to be some kind of snob. Before you get into this, let’s look at the definition of a snob.

Snob – a person who tends to go, to reject or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek association with people regarded as social superiors. The second, which affects an air of superiority offensive adequacy in terms of taste or intellect.

Combine this definition with the definition of a blogger, and you get a Snob-Blogger, which is defined as “any person who blogs, period.” Yes that’s right, bloggers are inherently snobbish.

I do not say! Yes, you! All bloggers are Snob-Bloggers! Want to publish a blog? Do not believe us? Take this quiz to see macaroni useful if you measure the mold.

1. Have you ever commented on someone or something negative, or greater on your blog? If so, could be a Snob-Blogger.

2.Do the second and your blog readers feel sorry for the subjects as well as your blog comment system? If true, it is possible that you could be a Snob-Blogger.

3. It’s your blog link to all the friends of other blogs that link to you? At that time, you are more likely to Snob-Blogger.

4.If you have already ranted something that is only interesting for you and your friends Blogger, you, I’m afraid are a Snob-Blogger.

5.If you know what RSS means, I suppose you are a Snob-Blogger.

6.If you want to stop publishing your blog because you knew that nobody read, my friend is most likely a Snob-Blogger.

7. Recognize Wil Wheaton as someone other than the clever boy Star Trek: The Next Generation? If so, you’re sure to Snob-Blogger.

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