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When Comparing Online Advertising Sending Articles, Press Releases, Book Signings And Blogs

Blogs Marketing / Press Release Writing, September 29, 20110 Commentsadmin

Comparing Publicity: Online submission of articles, press releases, presentations of books, and blogs

Recipients are expected to be an information service online. That’s why they go to websites related to interests in the area. In this sense, know that writing articles and send the number of online advertising and promotion game around.

You already know that a web site with lots of great content to attract visitors back for more information. You may not know that you get a targeted audience to your site, you need to distribute a free, useful information on cyberspace.

This means that to start and continue a campaign to me.

Write and submit articles to top Web Works

1. how you and other sections of your audience will enjoy.

2. Take the opportunity to address these and public attention.

3. Collect Top website addresses (URLs) that are in the top 20 using Google or another search engine.

4. Search for your own industry, such as “parents,” another word for “submit articles.”

5. Submit 2-3 articles at a time, each of these top 20 Web sites and watch the numbers grow.

6. Delegate to an assistant to exponentially multiply the results.

7. Judy Cullins to Google my name to see the results in the future, be careful growth. Google your name.

His coaching experience – Do you have Web sites of 1200 years, in 4500 two years, 14,000 over three years, 30,000 four years and this year more than 123 000 other sites, more than 1,000 every day. All with a link to my site where people interested in writing, editing, or promoting a book will come for more information. This translates to over 3,500 web site visitors each day. Aimed at visitors! Sale agreement. My results

Blogs can be useful

Even when you create your blog, you must also provide useful information and original provided by these articles. They have proven to do more than any other kind. You can also submit a question to the customer and respond. Please update your information at least several times a week to boost your ranking in search engines. These offerings as write and submit articles to let people see you as the expert.

Submit articles to opt-in ezines (no spam)

Submit these articles to opt-in ezines. These are just subscribers, so they are not considered spam. From 500 to more than 30,000 subscribers in each newsletter, you can trade the performance of many of these online journals. And they are quick and easy to participate in. Once you are familiar, look to increase website targeted traffic.

Press releases cannot reach the right person

Let go of advertising and promotion, that does not work. Like you, I cannot stop sending press releases, book publishers. Even if I had given more than 150 press releases a year, I only have a couple of feature stories. I have had some action, but a lot of time and effort. If you send a press release, put an ad in the 3-5 to tip the editor of the media may publish. They love the short, how about just like the rest of us.

Send copies of your book for review

While this may work for some, is a limited response. Yes, please send copies to some people like Midwest Book Review I really give them time. It is much easier from testimonies of people who have used your service or your book. They want to help because they liked his book. They even give evidence of a partial reading or experience. On the Internet, the playing field even more. You do not need the opinion of the gurus’ say you’re fine.

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