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Factor Blog: All You Need To Know To Start Blogging – Today

Blogs Marketing, September 28, 20110 Commentsadmin

What is this “blog factor”? Well, what is a year thought it was a novel idea some years ago has now become something that nobody expected. There are currently nine million blogs out there, with 40,000 new ones added every day. Some are informative and some are frankly a waste of time. And while there is much talk about blogs these days, it is * very * blogs? Blogging in its simplest form is like an online diary, but much, much more powerful. Blogs (short for web log) is a place where surfers can get up to the minute information on a topic or voyeur into someone’s life. Some blogs are nothing more than look at the daily life of a person, while others are so sophisticated; it is difficult to distinguish a new online service.

Why on Blogs

Google, the # 1 network search engine, like blogs. So much so, that if you do it right the heck with the Google spider your site. What is a “spider”? Well, the spidering is when Google, or similar, looking for an investment to set up your site’s content and more content you have (i.e. fresh content), Google makes it more magical, and push your site search engine. Another reason is that blogs are interactive, and if the blog topic of your book, will help further your expert status to a specific question. When planning for the “Virtual Tour” in our authors, there are many blogs that we toured. Why? Because if you can get a good blog that sees a lot of traffic, you can really start to get some exposure for your book.

What are you talking about?

That’s the question we are asked most often. “If I start a blog, it would be the devil, I mean?” Well, if your book is non-fiction it’s easy enough to understand what your topic is, but if your book is fiction, it could be a bit difficult – but not impossible. A writer I work with has a series of books featuring a sign – a private investigator. I have recommended that “blog” this character, which means that the character (not the author) will have the blog. It could be the paper to sign or adventures and stories – a glimpse into the life of a private investigator. It would give readers (and fans of this character) a reason to return to blog for an update on this ongoing adventure or history. In another example, I work with a writer who wrote a fiction book about right and wrong with a new age / spiritual spin. I advised him to blog on topics related to it – good and evil in our society and his own “spin” on these issues.

Some of his blog might be debatable, but it’s fine if you want to create their own “voice”, just to take on a certain topic, and if this opinion is questionable, all the better exposure and to get people to interact with your blog . As readers to respond to your posts is a great way to gain interest and momentum on your blog, and (especially) to get people to talk about growing blog than anything else!

How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is easy. All you have to do is register for a blog site and get started. It’s that simple. The blog service that links to your site, you will need to ask your webmaster to add a button to your home page so people can find your blog.

How to blog effectively

The best bloggers know that the more you add to your blog, the more traffic you there. Some bloggers I know today, sometimes several times a day while others post weekly. How much you post will probably depend on how long you have to spend on this. The challenge is that if you want to continue to drive people to your blog, you want new content. This does not mean you have to do all this themselves, in fact, you can invite people to your blog and talk to them, or you can simply send a piece of “thinking” about your topic. It should not be complicated or long, it just costs. Also, be innovative, as we discussed earlier, be different with your blog, have fun with it. It may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will quickly become an expert blog!

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