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Blogging Tips When Writing The Content Of Your Blog Readers

Blogs Marketing, September 27, 20110 Commentsadmin

The most common mistake that bloggers do is go straight to writing after they built their blogs. It is certainly not a problem is that you have a clear idea of ​​what it means to write, you’re writing and how you should write. Write your blog content is critical to the success of your blog and therefore, requires skills and knowledge to do it.

Today’s article focuses on writing good content for readers of his blog and in order to do so, we must address three questions:

1. Who are you writing?

2. How about writing?

3rd How should you write?

Millions of people surf the Internet every day to look for specific information. The information is from anarchism to Zionism, the most recent to oldest, or from 0 to infinity. Given this case, the bloggers have much to blog. Unfortunately, not all problems can become covered by one or a few bloggers. Even Wikipedia does not have all the information in its database. In addition, thousands of weblogs or blogs and websites every day are created by increased competition. What can we deduce from these figures? Simple. We need a strategic approach to the blogs to ensure the survival of our blog and success.

Who do you write? Blog Readers

Yes, I know you’re blogging for your blog readers, but do you know that your blog readers?

If you are blogging for all those who visit the Internet, then the lack strategic approach to the blogs. However, if you have a specific destination drive, then it is likely to succeed.

Because we cannot meet all of the Internet, the need to segment they arise. I call focused blogs. Blogs Focusing is the process of segmentation or splitting of the blog readers to identify a specific segment or subdivision where you can leverage your blog. Blogging allows bloggers to focus attention in writing to a specific group of people. Addressing a specific group of people has the advantage of being able to understand better, know what they need, what they want, etc.

For my blog, I decided to write blogs for bloggers. However, bloggers can be divided into beginner, intermediate and expert. Finally I decided to write for beginners and intermediate bloggers because I think I know best. I was in the stadium to start my own blog and developing countries so they know the needs and desires of the principles and intermediate bloggers.

How about writing? Quality information for readers of the blog

What do you think will happen to bloggingmix.com if I start to write about my favorite color, or when I blog about a dog friend of my friend? I’m sure the time I know it took readers of my blog a better blog that will give them information on blogs. This is where the idea of ​​continuity (context), one of the blogging comes 3C continuity details will be discussed in subsequent articles.

People go online to search for quality information on the Internet, the information you need, relevant and useful to them. If you do not expect that there are some people who visit your blog. Or you might not have any visitors at all. So what do you think about writing? The answer is obvious. You should write about something that readers need and want. There should be a lot of useless items, but rather informative, useful and relevant to them. Try this on your blog and see how amazing quality information can do for her.

I must say, however, write about your experiences about yourself or animal is not wrong. This is of course assuming that your target readers are limited to your family, friends and family. Otherwise, you must be very controversial, or popular for people to be curious and interested in your life.

How should you write your blog posts? Consider the nature of your blog readers

If you are blogging for investors, then it is set up to use terms such as net present value, internal rate of return, discounted cash flow, etc. But if your blog is dedicated to the average Joe, there is simply no need to use outfits multi-syllabic words and quintessential examples of where to find the complexity of your ideas on the basic ideas that everyone can understand. In short, because Blogger is a goal to send the message to your target readers of this blog. If not, could not blogging.

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