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Winning The War Of The Search Engines

Marketing SEO / SEO / Techniques of SEOSeptember 20, 20110 Commentsadmin

Create and build effective search engine marketing campaigns is like trying to nail jelly to the wall! The challenge can be daunting for many who need highly specialized expertise in the process, which is mixed with a technique unique and different. Here is some information from years of experience in these services to customers.

Their marketing is very effective in driving qualified traffic to a website. Over 85% of Internet users use search engines to find products and global services.

What you can expect in the search engines through the back-end conversions, or want answers? There is no “silver bullet” answer to this question, we have seen the results vary from a low of 1.4% and the maximum was 22%. Take a dangerous assumption if you measure the results of pure marketing focuses only on the SE. The underlying reaction mechanisms (interaction with a sales representative, e-commerce fulfillment, newsletter subscriptions, website, etc.) greatly affect the ROI. Evaluate and criticism from a holistic perspective.

This is a zero sum game if you use the low cost, “we submit to thousands of” service companies search engines. These presentations do little to drive viable classification. If you are not achieving ranking in the top 20-30 (page 1-3) lists then you are wasting marketing resources.

Not make the mistake of focusing exclusively on search engine marketing to increase market knowledge (score line) and income. Develop mutually reinforcing processes that are synergistic Directory by using bids Usenet / Newsgroups Newsletter sponsorship of planting, Opt-in e-mail, PR and other online marketing processes.

Keyword Analysis HTML text string is one of the underlying assumptions of a campaign of search engine ranking success. This reflects the importance of ad copy for a conventional print campaign. Most good companies will use a database service business as Word Tracker, which allows them to analyze the relative popularity of keywords and then build a position and process optimization of selected keywords.

The actual title of your index finger and the inside pages also have a significant impact on whether a campaign works. It must be the appropriate length, usually 10 to 20 words, no hyperbole, and arouse the curiosity of a researcher.

Unlike the massive advertising campaign without end, there are no quick fixes in the form of interactive marketing. It takes at least 1-2 months before you see immediate results. And significant results, that is, lists of pages 1-3 through the top-level engines add another 2-3 months on average.

Development of website content rankings are good influences – the more the better. Develop content that is relevant to the keywords. We use linguistic analysis software for our customers and then build a “stealth site” with a standalone content specifically designed for SE spiders (bots). This level of sophisticated and proprietary process is costly and time consuming, but very effective.

Remember that quote Armand Hammer in Russia? “An enigma wrapped in a box buried in the ocean.” It’s about the world of search engine changes their high standards of presentation and algorithms on a regular basis. Then hire your company, including the market – or be willing to invest a lot of time to achieve tangible results.

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