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Press Releases May Increase The Search Engine Optimization

Press Release Writing / SEO, September 19, 20110 Commentsadmin

When you write a press release, what is your ultimate goal? Without a doubt, to get as much information about as many publications and websites as possible. The focus is moving out … taking the press release so many other * sources as possible. We buy lists of journalists, pay public relations firms to share the release of thousands of targeted leads, use the online press release distribution services, and create your own list of suppliers of the house, touching the ground. It is a path to “normal” distribution is the press release.

But we usually think of how these publications can work for us by other means. For example, have you considered adding your press releases for your own site can increase your visibility and increase your lead generation efforts?

How? Because press releases can open new avenues for the search engines and visitors to find you.

Writing search engine friendly release

Press releases have some unique features that may contribute to an increase in search engine rankings for your site. They are similar in many respects to the pages that use search engine copy writing techniques. For example, that:

It is a narrow focus.

Include a copy of which deals with a specific theme.

Allows the use of phrases.

Use keywords rich titles.

Press releases, by nature, to include all the elements used in a search engine copy writing. This makes them a perfect addition to your site.

With very little effort, each of your press release turned into optimized pages that attract more qualified traffic. When you write your next press release, consider adding these two simple steps:

Choose keywords that can be easily included in your statement.

Include keywords in the title, if possible.

Detailed press releases on your site

So you want to build a page structure that meets the search engines. Because spiders follow the links, you will need to open a door to the main page section of your site that houses the releases.

First, Add a link to the navigation bar that refers to “press kit”. This is a page directory, a list of publications for each reporting one or two sentences and a link to the full content of the publication.

Then, create a separate page for each type of release. Using the keywords that you have studied the content, type a title and description tag on every page. Then download all the host server. When the site is a spider, you will find a series of new highways engines your site.

With a little more effort than is usually the press releases they can pull “double duty”. With a push-pull effect, its press releases can be sent to the media for additional exposure, and may also attract visitors to your site using search engines. The result? Even after the initial explosion in news media takes place, they will work to drive traffic to your website and increase your ranking in search engines.

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