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Press Release, An Alternative To Paid Advertising

Press Release WritingSeptember 19, 20110 Commentsadmin

What is a press release? This is usually a page in the history of your company, product / service or an event happening related to your business, which stands for, or have recently occurred. These publicity stories are generally “fired a shot” of newspapers, radio, television and magazines.

So imagine having your product / service written on newspapers, magazines, radio and seen on television for free! Paypal, which will skyrocket your profit target. That’s what the press release can do for you. It will not cost you anything to do, not a single penny.

Do not get excited yet, because the survey shows that 95% of all press release denied that they do not. The problem is to bring the people you sent this news release that use, publish or broadcast them. But this article will show you the art of making a press release that the good will be accepted by the heads of news and editors and give your product / service advertising he needs.

The two basic things to pay attention in making your press release is the preparation and presentation. Let’s start with writing. What do you write? You can write about anything, but please, “something that will sell the first person to receive their materials -. Editor and Director of News The man the media quickly see and understand how the benefits of your product or service and its readers – that makes him a hero to them.

Go straight to the point and say the product has a lower price, easier to use, and how your product or service, it is useful for people in general. And ‘good practice to include a free sample of the product. Do not make the mistake that tells you the ups and downs to the success of your product / service. Do not have time for that, they just want the things that notices something new, and probably the true meaning of its readers.

Try to associate your release with current events in the news. Is there any job losses, rising unemployment and inflation and the increasing need to earn extra income? Then his chance to cash if you have a product / service, there is a solution.

Now you have a story to write, so it can be an attention grabbing title depends on how you write. Let’s say that your product / service offers a solution to the problem above. In this example, a title that could be used – a guide to making money: Protect your financial future, a new solution for the unemployed.

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