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Search Engine Keywords – What People Are Looking For?

Press Release Writing / SEO / SEO Tips / Techniques of SEO, September 16, 20110 Commentsadmin

Have you ever wondered how people find things on the Internet? What if you knew exactly what words they typed when using a search engine? If you are marketing a product or service is extremely insightful to know what are the most popular search terms related to what you’re marketing.

Overture Society

A company that provides Yahoo Pay Per Click infrastructure for Yahoo and other sites on the Internet. If you do a search on Yahoo, you will see from January to March Paid advertising is displayed at the top of the search page, then the other end. These are paid advertiser listings and they come from Overture.

The Overture search engine

In order to maximize the number of clicks on their network, accessories Overture keyword tool so that their customers know who are the most popular keywords related to our products, services. This overture when the customer chooses the keywords to advertise, they can choose those that are most popular, or more closely related to the product or service. This generates more revenue for Overture and more clicks for advertisers.

Anyone can use the search tool

Using the search tool

The best way to start is to write a word related to your business. For example, if you’re a marketing business, this Top 10 search terms and their tracking number.

Search Count       Term

1253354                           Direct Marketing

460 115                            Internet  Marketing

380 450                           Marketing

76542                               small business marketing

48494                               e-mail marketing

44 160                              Marketing Website

43064                              advertising marketing

42613                               Network Marketing

42414                               Marketing Business

31 484                              health care marketing

Counting the number of research accounts for about 20% of the Internet to multiply by 5 to get an approximate number of searches for the entire network, including research on email marketing are 48 494 * 5 = 242 470 Internet searches each month.

Use of data

The value of this search tool goes far beyond just determining popular search terms. Here are some ways to use the tool for market research:

Enter your state or city to discover Searches

Compare the number of searches for the product compared to competitors

Use the search terms the most popular related to your business domain names for your site to increase their visibility in search engines.

Use it to reflect new products or services, especially if something is to be found, but is not widely available

Considering a celebrity endorsement or joint venture partner for your next internet marketing, to compare the different candidates and make an informed decision.

Used to determine the market size or segmentation information in your business plan.

I used to drive the entire contents of its website, the titles of web pages with keywords and descriptions meta tags.

Used to determine the categories to the list of your internet business yellow pages listings.

Use it to identify important research in relation to your business in other countries and cultures that are unfamiliar.

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