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Marketing SEO / SEO / SEO Tips / Techniques of SEO, September 16, 20110 Commentsadmin

It only makes sense. You have an e-commerce catalog site. You will have many visitors coming to your site and buy. The best (and most profitable) way to do this is with the placement of large search engine. But search engines are text machines, and most catalogs do not have much text, so therein lies the problem.

The obvious answer is that you need multiple copies of each page. But the images of your products is as important as the copy can not be removed to make more space. It does not leave much space in the area of ​​product description, is it? Maybe not, but said the copy had to go in the description field? Who says you have to create a site just a paper catalog is created?

Sometimes we see the pages of our site with a very narrow view. This leads us to have a “It’s always been done this way” mentality. While direct mail catalogs can be difficult and require limited space short sections of writing, web pages have infinite space for the copy.

Your home page

In most cases, the lists have a home page, which is almost exclusively for graphics. There may be a short copy writing boxes here and there, but not much. Since your homepage is the main page is optimized for the engines, you should add at least 200 words, SEO copy writing there. Do not panic … not all in one place.

You can create a short stretch of a keyword rich body copy prelude to the site. Then the graph below your new spring additions to the SEO copy because people are * only * for these products. You can then add a sentence or two copies of the graphic in the sidebar. Finally, the highlights of the program customer service, or your money back guarantee and our invitation to click deeper into the site to make purchases, and you’re ready.

It is clear where the copy will depend on the layout of your site, but you get the idea. Extending around the writing. You do not have to put it all into a ball in the middle of the page.

Category Pages

What happens with traditional online catalogs is that you click on the home page for a “category” page. This category page usually just links to pages of other individual products may be more a picture or two. It’s a shame because the pages are another place perfect for SEO copy.

Since keyword phrases are often very descriptive of the goods (for example, crew neck sweaters, six-disc CD players, etc.), they work wonderfully in category pages. As the category pages are selective (it seems that only a certain class of products), are exceptionally arenas for SEO Copy writing.

Say you have a site that deals with the catalog of accessories for home decor. A class can be Tiffany lamps. Tiffany lamps, because prayer is a wonderful phrase, its inclusion in the copy of the category page is natural. This means you can create SEO copy writing for the top or middle of the page (just a short paragraph or two) and rebounds also write the text description of each product.

Tiffany lamps have always been seen as style icons. Although some features are constant (which is what a Tiffany lamp Tiffany lamp) is also a great variety. From Tiffany lamps with his words to deeds to decorate your ceilings are a reflection of your taste and personal style.

Then, to list all the individual products (tiffany floor lamps, tiffany ceiling lamps, tiffany table lamps, etc.) and give a short, keyword rich descriptions of each.

Product Descriptions

When you get to the level of product description, you must also be attractive to the keyword-rich copy of each list. However, it will also include more text in each product page.

Consider that most people shopping online have the advantage of being able to touch, feel, smell, taste or see the current products. Use the lack of human senses to develop more descriptive information to your visitors.

You can also try to include all the technical information you have for your products in the description page of the same product. Unlike the myth of the Internet, people do not mind scrolling a bit * * If there is information they want to watch the other parts of the page.

In his catalog of re-writing techniques with respect to the Internet, you can get your e-commerce Classification very good search engines. It’s just an open mind and willingness to get rid of the old fashioned way. When you do, more customers and higher sales levels are expected to follow.

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