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Blog: Love The Market Potential

Blogs Marketing, September 15, 20110 Commentsadmin

The Internet revolution is responsible for two of the dumbest names in business. The first is the “Web”. Try telling your grandmother what you do to live with this name. The following is the “blog”. Most people have heard of blogs (short for weblogs). There are millions of them – most with little commercial value, but many of them with important social merits, political or cultural.

It’s changing, though. Business and industry have begun to embrace marketing, blogs, and commercial potential. Corporate blogs, which are well-written, focused on issues related to customers, employees and shareholders is becoming a new “voice.” Company

The blogs offer a new way to communicate with customers, potential customers, and stakeholders. Popular forms of business communication are, press releases and newsletters e-newsletters, websites and mailing. But these are all one-way communication. The blogs offer the opportunity to interact and create a dialogue with the product or service.

Recently, electronic newsletters helped to “push” a message to a company of “opt-in” the public. However, spam filters, which increased combat junk e-mailings, you can prevent a message reaches its destination. TODAY “Today, people come directly to blogs for information. There is a twist. They subscribe to RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds, news aggregator which notify a subscriber (such as Bloglines) that the blog has posts new.

Corporate blogs can be simple, light stories, informative articles or just a brief comment on news and issues. Each opens the opportunity to discuss your product or service.

The blogs also serve as sources for journalists covering specific markets, such as insurance, automotive and consumer goods. The use of blog aggregators, who can follow his blog and quickly scan their messages to new ideas. Would not it be ideal to receive a call from The Wall Street Journal for their experience? Increasingly, journalists are finding the uninhibited self-expression of bloggers as sources the best hand picked and prepared by “experts” provided by public relations agencies.

I became a blog “evangelist” in Idea Star, encouraging the creation of two new blogs – Idea Star: the other side and Insura Tech. “The Voice” of a blog is very important – who speaks and what is the message? We decided to “voice” of the Idea Star blog should be on the third party reporting of humor, quirky and personal side of our company. With the blog, our customers, prospects and business relationships can get to know personally. This is important for utilities as Idea Star. We left the most formal of our website and newsletter.

The other InsuraTech blog, is written in first person. Mike Wise, vice president of technology Idea Star insurance, presents his thoughts, observations and real-world examples – good and bad – of the use of Internet technologies in the insurance sector. IdeaStar built a national reputation in the community of the insurance industry for its expertise in Web-enabling services. The blog allows for Mike as an expert and opinion leader. As the number of posts grows, we expect to begin a dialogue on the market.

I started my own blog in earnest a year ago. This is a personal blog. I can publish the photo, music reviews or apparatus, and some social commentary. But more importantly, my blog serves as a way for me to understand this new tool from the perspective of a user.

For example, I posted some pictures I took of the Cleveland Cavaliers. As usual, with subtitles of each shot, including one of  Lebron James. This particular photo was subtitled: “. Would make a great wallpaper” In a few days, my blog has been in the top ten of Google for Lebron James wallpaper is fantastic in terms of. a seller. (But it’s a personal decision. I took the photo the next day.)

Like the Internet itself, 10 years ago, blogs are here to stay. We discover how to produce a successful blog requires some training. It ‘better to get your hands around this new technology now and see what it does is wait. If you are not to be the next technology revolution, the climate for us to learn from a stupid name.

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