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Can Pay-per-click Really Increase Traffic Blog?

Blogs Marketing, September 14, 20110 Commentsadmin

Want to know, Pay-Per-Click really can increase blog traffic? The answer is: Yes you can. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day.

Wow, it would be nice if the answer was really that easy? Of course, the pay-per-click is a great way to get a new pair of eyeballs in front of the world-class blog, but not as easy as depositing money into PPC account, and then watch the traffic counter to extend control of the Ten minutes later, though Google says that their website Google Ad Words campaigns can produce amazing results in 15 minutes!.

With a new blog appears on the Internet every 7.8 seconds, you should have a solid strategy for PPC win hearts and minds of people who are looking for a new blog to be identified. PPC is a strategic investment and, like all strategic investments, it requires experience and knowledge of this investment.

The first barrier to conducting a successful PPC campaign is money. If you are looking to buy traffic from a “hot property” keywords, you may end up paying up to $ 5, $ 10 or even an incredible 50 per click. At these prices it’s worth running a blog that has great potential for monetization or you could end up in the red at the end of the first day. Of course, there are words for as little as a penny, and many of these words could be worth $ 50 if you know how to choose.

The next hurdle to success is a space. When you’re on PPC advertising, you have a limited amount of space (words) available to sell the person who long ago. What you’re really doing is running a small classified ad, announcement that it is better to be extraordinary to attract visitors to the site.

Speaking of the site, which happens to be your next problem. When your ad to someone getting them to click, where will they land? Your landing page is your blog is for sale. He must seduce the visitor into a desire to learn more. He teased them with the wonders of your blog and show them just enough to make them want to jump in and read it all. Just someone pointing to your blog last, you can not do the trick. You have to do a sales presentation.

Trial and error is a wonderful teacher, but if you pay for education is a pay-per-click you should first invest some ‘knowledge and experience of someone who is already running a successful pay-per-click campaigns, traffic blogs. In this way you can avoid what does not work, and look what. The real truth is: You’re going to pay for education, in both cases. You can either invest a lot of money in bad PPC campaign to get it right, or you can make a relatively small, once the investment to learn the pros. It is money, so use it wisely!

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