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Blog And Ping To Establish Links

Blogs Marketing, September 13, 20110 Commentsadmin

Just what is Blogging and Ping?

There is a new partnership in cyber-town called Blogging and Ping. This is not a new comedy team or even a singing group, but a new way to network and attract visitors to your site and earn more money. Blogs and Ping is a marketing tool that can help anyone build their online business.

Let’s start with the definition of a blog.

Blog is short for weblog. A blog is a journal, frequently updated and intended for public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author of this site.

Ok, so what about tennis? Originally, a ping is a program that ran to a request from a different computer or server via a network or the Internet to see if the remote computer has been answered. The same program is now used as a method to inform others that your blog exists and also let them know when a new post was made.

When you ping to blogs get a technique that is extremely effective for any website, no matter how big or small, indexed by major search engines.

Why are the blogs and the latest marketing tool ping?

Most of you are now saying, “Yeah, so what? I can get my site indexed now. What’s wrong? “The big problem is that blogging and pinging gets your site indexed almost immediately, and it’s free!

If you have experience trying to get a site indexed and listed in major search engines, then you know it is frustrating and very difficult to get it done within a reasonable time. After working hard to get your site together, collecting and writing content to worry about keywords and densities, you’re not even close to being finished. Now comes the even harder part! Now that you have to manually submit your site to all major search engines. And finally, you come to expect.

True, you have to wait for the spiders come to index your site. It can take weeks or it could take months. There are some methods that will bring the spiders a bit faster, but they are time and effort and money. Yet you can not be sure that the spiders will come fast fast.

Blogging and table solves this problem. To ensure that the spiders come to your site and get listed in all major search engines with minimal effort and no money for about 48 hours.

How it works The biggest search engine Google, which owns Blogger.com. It is the site many people use to create their blogs. Google frequently sends their search engines through Blogger.com to find new content.

So if you have a blogger.com account, you can add content from other sites the content of your blog and your blog content on their website the URL of the page that blogs are attached automatically. So when

Google spiders index your pages blogger.com, see the URL of your website content. If this URL does not appear in the Google database, the spiders will almost certainly follow the link to index your site!

So rather than wait for weeks, months or even up to a year, you can reference your site almost immediately! Google itself will tell you they prefer to discover new URL by finding links to obtain them by submission. So why not blog and ping and give them what they want!

A critical success factor for increasing link popularity is to use the blog and ping technique shows a lot of other sites anout new content to the site. This is achieved using blogger.com publishing great feature directories such as Technorati and ping blog Blo.gs.

Another good news is that once Google has indexed your site, other search engines that use Google’s feed will list your site too. And everything happens in lightning speed!

Blogging and pinging is a really effective way to get your site for search engines spider the largest and most important, get them all the important links.

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