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Marketing SEO / SEO / SEO Tips, September 8, 20110 Commentsadmin

A well-known elements of the emphasis on algorithms of search engines are HTML headers, body text, and back-links. SEO companies talk about these elements in one dimension the exact – to select key phrases you are targeting, put them in the HTML header, body text, put them in, get back-links to related sources of key phrases is to combine text. This search engine optimization works in the long run, although it is increasingly difficult to become a challenger in the competitive phrases. September is a lot to do with the age of the site.

In previous patent applications and to support the existence of a “Google sandbox” is safe to assume that Google crawls a site’s age and history of the place, including the binders of the story. In fact, establish a good history with Google can be as important as having well-written HTML titles and links high-quality again. Because of this new dimension, it is important to talk about keywords, titles, body text and links from a temporal point of view. Above all, the key phrases you choose to get to a place in the short term may not be the key phrases you want to target in the long term.

Short Term Vs Long key phrase targeting

Observed by the experience of optimization, there seems to be a timetable for Google ranking:

1. Sandbox does not. Standings fast for a couple of weeks.

2. Sandbox second. No rankings for moderately competitive terms 9-12 months.

3. In the short term – out of the sandbox. Findings for less competitive terms.

4. In the long term – more than a couple years. A note for highly competitive terms that relate to less competitive conditions.

Of course, a few years is a long time in terms of evolution of search engines, this observation is certainly subject to change. The point of this, however, it may be wise to target less competitive (perhaps “tail” keyword phrases) in the short term and change the orientation of a site (a little) to target more competitive conditions after the site has reached maturity. The maturity of the page is about the number and quality of links you have acquired (both must be acquired naturally as a result of business relationships or high-quality content), the classification of the less competitive terms and the amount of content (pages) on the site. When a site has matured, the old terms are less competitive have focused again on the main page can still be directed to secondary pages. More general expressions which are generally less words in length may be directed to the home page.

The site should already have a history of good rankings with less competitive phrases, and should maintain a high ranking for those terms. Links to the site should still count locations for new, more competitive terms, since the new terms are linked to ancient conditions.

Advantages in making the fracture

The short term is a long time for a small business is new. It is important to get results right away, so it is important to target realistic conditions that generate traffic immediately. In planning these sentences, so that future expansion can be done can be a smooth transition to a long-term traffic growth goals without changing a Web site, the text or browsing considerably.

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