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Why Should I Use Search Engine Optimization

Marketing SEO / SEO / Techniques of SEO, September 5, 20110 Commentsadmin

And ‘morning and John wakes up while he is doing on a daily basis. He start the computer and begins checking his e-mail and check out their website statistics. “$ 15 Ad sense and one for sale .. good, good … but I wish they were $ 500 and 10 sales.” Closes the statistics and go to work for a fee that will help you live a good life.

Mark is also waking up, make a cup of coffee and sit comfortably on his laptop. He opens his web site stats and his heart starts beating a little faster, as it reads on the screen “$ 399 in Ad Sense and 5 sales last night … well, but I like it better.” He closes the statistics, eat a quick breakfast, then settled on his laptop and start working on its websites to improve the statistics. He does not need to go to work, as sites provide enough income to help them live well.

Now the question is simple: who would you rather be? John or Mark? Like to go out and work for your boss and help him make money so you can make a living? Or will you be your own boss and you have your own business? Because yes, these days to have a good website is a business. If your answer is “John”, then you’d better stop reading this article and get to more serious things. But if you prefer, instead of Mark then it may be useful to continue reading. OK, ok, but what does “a good website” mean? I have a nice design, I have great online support, products and offers the functionality of the site super … but I do not get the revenue expected? If you ask why take 2 minutes to think, “Who am I receive money from the design of the operation of the site No, what really brings the money, in fact, traffic, people who visit the site?? Commission services like / products, or simply click on the Google ads.

Now that we have found that traffic is what makes webmaster happy, we must ask ourselves how we can get that traffic to our sites. Well, there are several ways to do this, but today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method that brings the best targeted traffic. If you want to build a solid company that could give you more of a decent income you need SEO.

Successful SEO campaign, you must follow three main steps: keyword analysis, on page SEO and off page SEO. Keyword Analysis is a part of the task, in order to ensure that you have chosen the best keywords (those that receive the highest number of visitors to you within a short time).

On page SEO is a step in which contributions are made directly to the site by changing the file. You have to find titles, meta tags, images, text, page structure, internal linking, proper tags and many other things that are related to your website. Throughout this process, using the keywords you found during the analysis portion of the search words. This is to make sure you have a well optimized site focused on those keywords.

Last but not least, off page SEO – is considered by all the major SEO specialists out there the most important part of an SEO campaign – related external links, you can point to your site. As each link to your site is considered “one voice” of voice over you have the most “powerful” your site will be.

If you do everything correctly, then end up in the tops of the search engine of your site and start to get the best organic targeted traffic that is there at the time. So what are you waiting for? To go out there and start doing SEO …. Since SEO is the future.

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