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Marketing Your Blog for Search Engines

Marketing SEO / SEO, August 22, 20110 Commentsadmin

Getting the search engines like Google and Yahoo to put its index of blogs in a high position and send traffic to your website is not an easy task. But with a little patience and work time, which can be done. In this article we will explore some simple ways you can generate more traffic to your blog through search engine optimization or SEO.

The first – if you do not use the WordPress blog platform, you should probably change. WordPress includes a ton of “just” out of the box SEO sites, and the rest of the things you need SEO Blogs can be added via plug-in such as head space, or All-In-One SEO. Install WordPress on your web server using the guides on hand, and move messages from the previous installation of WordPress blog. You will also need to sort them out by the design theme for your site – but you can find many of these for free by searching Google. You can also install the Google XML Sitemaps, Search Engine, which creates a valid XML and send it to you.

If you are not using WordPress, you’re in for a bit slower at a time. You can use online tools to create your sitemap and submit it to search engines for you. You can also use other free tools that will search engines to visit your site and index your content for you on a regular basis. One such tool is called an XML-RPC Pinged, which when applied correctly, will cause the spider to Google Blogs and Google spiders to visit your site and index your blog again almost immediately.

It ‘important to note that you must make sure that you are writing content that is at least 70-80% of unique compared to other content that you find online. If you are going to copy and paste the writings of others, you will soon discover that the blog may be penalized because the “duplicate content penalty.”

Finally, you want to make sure you write unique and relevant content regularly. You do not need to be posting every day, but it is best to get at least a couple of blog posts fresh up to a week to ensure that the search spiders are revisiting your site on a regular basis. When you send via a system like WordPress, your blog will automatically “ping” sites review weblog posting to let them know you’ve written a new post. This, in turn, helps getting your new blog posts indexed content and the search engines faster.

There you have it – some easy tips to get your blog content and search engines much faster, increasing your exposure to visitors. As long as you make sure you serve up unique, interesting and relevant content to your users, search engines will reward you with more investment, higher rankings and more traffic. Which of course is that you make use of advertising and affiliate marketing? But it is a completely different subject of an entire article to others…

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